Monday, 22 February 2016

So, what ARE Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Jamberry nail wraps look very similar to a sheet of stickers. They are NOT fake nails, but a flexible vinyl wrap you apply at home that covers your existing nails. They last up to 2 weeks on nails and up to 4-6 weeks on toes. For those who love the confidence that comes from having manicured hands, Jamberry Nails offers a professional salon look without the high cost, chipping, dry time, fumes, chemicals, or hassle.
Each sheet has 18 wraps. Suitable for those with short to long nails, each sticker covers two nails, which means that each sheet could last two manicures and two pedicures (or more if you do accent nails with Jamberry wraps and paint other fingers in a complementary colour).
The wraps can fortify weak nails, allowing them to grow longer than they’ve ever been and are a great deterrent for nail biters - they really work!
You don’t need any special equipment to apply the wraps. Most things you will have at home such as a hairdryer, nail scissors and clippers and a nail file.
You will also be pleased to know that our wraps are NON TOXIC, GLUTEN FREE, LATEX FREE & VEGAN! They are safe for use by pregnant women.
Our wraps are made in the USA and are completely cruelty free.